There are many places to see in 2016 but we narrowed down the list and listed 10 places where you should visit this year. Crystal water, ancient cities… Here are the places you have to see in 2016!

1- Mexico: A Total Metropolis

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Think of a city full of museums. A total city of culture. Historical remains are on display in tens of museums in the city.

2- Skane: You Will Be Amazed By the Foods

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This city’s forests are full of mushrooms and the coastal stretch has not been discovered completely. One of the places you must visit is the red wood houses. You will be amazed by the organic foods as well.

3- Viñales: The Most Real Aspect of Cuba

A magnificent city with its houses, valley and Cuban cigars. Moreover, you are able to rent a bike to tour the city.

4- Mozambique: Why Don’t You Spend Your Holiday In Here?

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Maputo offers perfect safari zones for a holiday. You can vacation perfectly with the sea you can surf and the beaches of the city.

5- Bordeaux: The City of Wine

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One of the most beautiful cities of France with its modern local transportation system, closed traffic boulevard and magnificent architecture. We have to mention its world-famous cuisine and historical chateaus.

6- Malta: For People Who Are Looking For a Cheap Country to See

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Being one of the cheapest countries of Mediterranean, Malta attracts attention with its perfect climate as well. Don’t doubt that you will be amazed by this country when you see its ancient temples and magnificent beaches.

7- Toronto: The Largest City of Canada

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Having a new appearance every year with urban transformation projects, this city has been developing culturally and socially. Even right now, Toronto is the largest city of Canada.

8- Coral Bay: A Quiet Corner

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Being one of the most loved places of Virgin Islands, Coral Bay offers a quiet and charming environment. It should be visited before skyscrapers or shopping malls are built.

9- Abu Dhabi

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Being the capital of the country, Abu Dhabi used to be just an island. Later, it was connected to the mainland with 3 bridges. Moreover, they have managed to decrease the temperature by greening the desert.

10- Hangzhou: This ancient city includes more than art.

Scenic view at Toronto city waterfront skyline at night
Scenic view at Toronto city waterfront skyline at night

This city used to be considered as an ancient city. However, an e-commerce website like Alibaba made it famous. Moreover, it is going to host G20 summit in 2016.


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