If you use your lip balm only to moisturize your lips,you miss so much.Here are the 10 interesting ways of using lip balms.

Lip balms,the savior of our dried and cracked lips in winter are take its place in our make-up bags. These intense hydration featured balms don’t just save our lips from winter conditions. Get ready to include these 10 different ways of using lip balms to your beauty routine.

  1. Eye make-up remover

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Take a little lip balm and move circular on your eyes. Then use your usual ways of make-up remove routine. You will see your waterproof eye make-up is removed easily without rubbing your eyes.

2.Cuticle softener

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Cuticles make your hands look neglected.To make your manicure lasts longer and have beautiful hands , use some lip balm to massage your cuticle. Balm will soften your cuticles and your hands will look awesome.

3. SOS moisturizer

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We need to remember that balms are perfect moisturizers for dried elbows and hands. The balm will moisturize your dried area instantly.

4.Prevents hair electrification

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You can tame your out of control,electrified hair with a little balm. Don’t use so much balm or else you will have oily hair.

5.Heel softener

women applied the cream to her pretty feet on white

Cover your heels with balm and wear cotton socks before sleep.When you wake up in the morning your heels will be soft.

6.Eyebrow stabilizer

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You can shape your eyebrows with a little balm.


Interesting Ways to Use Lip Balms

Using lighter on cheek bones and brow bone to have fresh look is a common make-up technique. To apply this technique you can use balms instead of lighter.

8.Shiny eyelids

Interesting Ways to Use Lip Balms

Shiny eyelids are the most used make-up trend these days. After you apply your eyeshadow you can use balm to catch the trend.

9.Moisturizer night mask

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One of the greatest feature of the balm is that it’s a great moisturizer face mask.Before you go to bed,apply balm to all of your face. This mask will be a big help to you especially in cold,dry winter nights.If you have an oily face this mask won’t be good for you.


10. Blusher

Interesting Ways to Use Lip Balms (1)

You can turn ordinary blusher to a cream blusher with balm. Mix your powder blusher with balm and apply on your cheeks. You will see no difference between that and cream blusher.


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