1.Use hairspray and towel to remove lipstick stains.


Apply hairspray on the stain and wait for 15 minutes to dry. Then, rub the stained part of your cloth and wipe it off with a wet towel in order to remove the lipstick stain. It’s that simple!

2.Use toothbrush and hairspray to make your eyebrows look perfect.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-2

Of course, don’t use your actual toothbrush while doing it.

3.If you run out of acetone, then mix vinegar and lemon juice together to make your own nail polish remover.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-13

4.Revitalize your mascara with contact solution.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-5

Make sure that the mascara you are going to use is not more than six months old.

5.Use a sock instead of Beautyblender while applying foundation on your face.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-8

Roll a sock into a ball and make your own Beautyblender!

6.Cover gray hairs instantly by using mascara.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-4

7.Rub a piece of garlic on your nails to make them stronger!incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-1

Use a clove of garlic and rub it on your nails by avoiding skin contact, wait for 20 minutes; then wipe off with a towel.

8.You can scrub your lip with vaseline and disposable mascara wand.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-9

Dip your disposable mascara wand into the vaseline and scrub your lips to exfoliate.

9.If you make your perfume last longer, spray it on right after the shower.incredibly-smart-beauty-tips-you-should-know-3

The moisture of your body will lock the scent and it will last longer. How nice!

10.To make your nails dry faster, dip them in the cold water.



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