$22 Million Stadium

Gifts are a great way to show your affection for your loved ones, but deciding on a perfect gift can be a very daunting task. Some concentrate on the sentimental value when selecting a gift while others take a more lavish route to show how much they value their significant other. You can get a bit of inspiration by going through some of the most lavish gifts given by celebrities to their significant others on their special day.

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (5)

Arab Sheiks are the most lavish spenders on the face of planet earth. These rulers of the oil-rich lands have billions to spend and a lot of time on their hands. Earning a spot on the list of most lavish wedding gifts Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi’s father gifted a $22 million stadium as the wedding venue for the lucky couple.

$14 Million Jet

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (4)The love story between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes became the talk of the town when the Hollywood megastar gifted a $14 million dollar jet to his new bride. Despite having a slight height different everything else was perfect in this power couple’s love life.

$11 Million Necklace

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (3)The fiery duo of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton became notorious for their love and hate relationship. The couple married then divorced and then remarried. People referred to them as two sticks of dynamite rubbing together. That combination is bound to make some sparks, but keeping their tussles aside Richard Burton gifted a $11 million necklace to his wife to, now that is a perfect gift to show your affection.

$5 Million Countryside House

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (1)Many would argue that Amal Alamuddin would desire nothing more after getting her hands on George Clooney, but her luck does not end there as rumors suggest that Clooney gifted a $5 million countryside house to her as a wedding gift.

$3 Million Watch

Brangelina is the biggest power couple in Hollywood; they have stuck with each other through thick and thin. The megastar couple has also raised several children together that is a testament to the strength of their relation with each other. But their love story is not only rich in bonds but is also doing pretty well on the lavish gift’s front. Angeline bought a $3 million watch for Brad who we bet had been elated with the gift.

$1 Million Boat

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (1)Princess Diana was arguably the most beloved British Monarch who attained a celebrity status. News suggests that she received some extremely lavish gifts from admirers all around the world. The Emir of Bahrain is said to have gifted her with a diamond crusted boat worth $1 million on her wedding. Now that is an appreciative friend.

A perfume worth a $2350 per drop

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (8)According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Clive Christian is the most expensive perfume set in the world. It comes packed in a 24 Carat Gold box and each drop is said to cost about $2350. The lucky couple who got this lavish gift were none other than Kate Middleton and Prince William.

A 3250,000 Ferrari

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (7)Hollywood celebrities are not known for their long lasting weddings, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for a whopping 72 days before deciding to say goodbye to each other’s company. But the happy couple received a lot of generous gifts from the admirers including a $325,000 Ferrari from a Malaysian businessman.

A $200,000 ticket to Space

Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (1)

This gift is literally out of this world, the British Comedian Russel Brand and American pop star Katy Perry were married for about 10 months before deciding to part their ways. She surprised her then-husband with a 2 ticket reservation on Galactic Spaceship for a 2 min ride to the heavens.

100 years old Tree


Most Expensive Wedding Gifts (6)Love is timeless and the Gift given by James Righton to Kiera Knightley is based solely around that concept. This $5000 worth tree is now planted in their French farmhouse and would continue to grow as their love.


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