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10 The Best Must-See Biopics


10.The Pursuit of Happiness

The Best Must-See Biopics (2)

The Pursuit of Happiness is an American movie. Will Smith starred as Chris Gardner in the movie, which is the biopic of Chris Gardner.  Chris Gardner is a family man not being able to get by. He leaves home due to economic struggles he has. He finds a job at a stock market company as an intern. Without having a regular income, Chris Gardner and his son are dispossessed of their home. It is a must-see film which can teach a lesson.


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An amazing movie about how Steve Jobs’ founded Apple, and what he dealt with in this process, and what he fought against for the sake of reaching his dreams.  Absolutely one of the must-see biopics.

8.The Social Network

The Best Must-See Biopics

A movie about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s life and the challenges he had and the phases he was through during the foundation of the worldwide known social networking site Facebook.

7.A Beautiful MindThe Best Must-See Biopics2

A biopic produced in 2001 based on the life of Nobel-winning American mathematician John Nash. It was inspired by a bestselling book of the same name. The chain of events starts with the coming across of a newly graduate student with a psychiatrist during a conference.


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An amazing must-see biopic based on the true story of Bondurant Brothers who become famous for their smuggling skills.

5.The Pianist

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A movie based on the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who is a successful an talented pianist. His life turns into a nightmare with Nazi invasion of Poland. As a Jew, he aces out of being sent to a concentration camp. He survives with the help of a German officer.

4.Schindler’s List

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Oskar Schindler, who is an entrepreneur German, establishes a metal container producing factory for the military by exploiting the Jews for the needed manpower and capital. He cannot swallow the oppression and tyranny against the Jews, and he makes a list to save them.

3.My Week with Marilyn

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Clarke, who has just graduated from Oxford University, decides to move on his career in film industry. He becomes an assistant in the movie starring Marilyn Monroe and the occurrences start with an irresistible attraction.

2.The King’s Speech

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A biopic and historical drama produced in 2010. VI George, who unwillingly ascends to the throne after his brother’s abdication, hires a speech therapist called Lionel Logue to overcome stutter. A nice and must-see movie.


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A historical drama based on the life of Abraham Lincoln. A nice biopic to take some lessons…


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