Tasks are waiting to be completed, credit card payments, bills, boring meetings, traffic jam, noise and crowd of the city, tragic news on TV, mundane daily routines and so on. No matter what our age is, time to time we all want to leave everything behind and imagine far peaceful places. Even if we have millions of dollar in our bank account, we might feel restless and nothing could make us happy. In such moments, we may dream of buying a van or VW Beetle, and going wherever it takes us. It may sound nonsense at first, but it’s worth trying, because there are many advantages of such an ‘escape’.
Canadian baseball player Daniel Norris is the one who has already made his ‘’escape’’ plan to have his own adventures. After he signed a contract with Toronto Blue Jays in 2011, he had 2 million dollars in his bank accounts. Contrary to famous players, he decided to buy a van and now he owns a 1978 model year VW. Then, he started to live in his yellowish van named ‘’Shaggy’’. Just by spending 800 dollars monthly, he prefers maintaining his adventurous life in a van to in a metropolitan, because he believes in the advantages of such an escape. Here are the advantages that lead you to think about the escape seriously!

1.You will discover your inner world.

2.You will enjoy leading a simple life.

My lifestyle. #vw #westy #surfsupbrah

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3.You can realize that money can’t buy everything. Hidden beauties of the nature or extraordinary experiences, unforgettable moments… Yes, these are free of charge!

4.You may take up new hobbies such as fishing and photography.

A little post surf nap time.. home is where you park it I guess. #vanlife

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5.You can spare time for reading or doing whatever you want in the end.

6.You can call everywhere ‘your home’! A green forest or a seaside can be your home, and you can take delight in sleeping under the stars.

Found it. #peaceplace

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7.You will see that the world is bigger than you think. You will witness the lives of people from all walks life and background. Each and every person has in fact different stories.

Swaggin in the wagon

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8.As you meet new people and lives, you will perceive that the world does not revolve around you. This helps you to get rid of focusing only on your self-interests.

A couple nights ago I was driving to this spot on the water to cook up some grub. (Jerk chicken jambalaya 👍) en route I passed by a few restaurants. All of which had lines of people out the door waiting to put their name in to wait some more. I got to my favorite spot, set up camp & started cookin. – I took my first bite & burned the fire out of my tongue.(next 3-7 meals instantly ruined) waiting for my soup to mellow out I scrolled thru IG & came across a photo of a starving child in Africa. The most literal display of skin & bones I’ve ever seen. It made me sick. It made me want to can up my soup & use the left arm God blessed me with & throw the rest of it all the way to Africa. & then I thought about all of the people in the restaurants that I passed that wouldn’t be able to finish their food. Many times, out to eat, ive had to push my plate away. -A number of friends of mine have taken mission trips to Africa to help out over there. I appreciate them & their selfless acts. Gods people are all equal. We all deserve equal amounts of grub before we lay down at night. Think about it. 👍 #justkeeplivin #stopworldhunger #donteatsoupoffthestove #👅🔥

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9.Seeing hard living conditions of some of those people you meet in person can make you empathize with them and get involved in charity organizations.

@ben_moon shreddin’ the surface in style. #yetiadventures

Daniel Norris (@danielnorris18) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()

10.Different living conditions and cultures help you broaden your perspective.



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