Some people fear addiction so much that they get addicted to fear. Things start to haunt you when something comes too much into being. Excess of anything despite its harmful effect is addiction. Addictions list consisting of work abuse, drugs, cholesterol and it has no limits. Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis programs and self-help groups are different ways to combat addictions. Post-effects of addictions could result in separations and family problems. Factors that make these vices ‘not’ get away from us could be what? Social influence, the sheer pleasure or the mere momentary craziness? Let’s put some light on worst addictions:


Worst Addictions (5)

Recreational drugs are the chemicals designed to stimulate the pleasure sense in human brain. A person on drugs develops a need for them to help their brain function properly. Drugs like Valium or cocaine can have catastrophic effects with withdrawal effects being even worse.


Worst Addictions (1)

Gambling is putting something on stake and winning it twice or nothing in a game. With USA being biggest country of gamblers, it is increasing day by day. Once somebody get the taste of it, it is very difficult to get rid of this ‘curse’.


Worst Addictions (6)

But it’s too late until they realize they have got addicted to this thing. It has so many advantages and benefits that conscious of the fact that it is obsessive people get more and more involved in it.


Worst Addictions (4)
As ridiculous as it may sound, food is one of the most addictive things. Although, food is nutritious and delicious but it forms a desperate addiction if not taken in suitable amount. Numerous additives in food keep you reliant on it, which result in people being overly attached to potato chips, burgers etc.


Worst Addictions (2)
When it comes to shopping, this obsession is not limited to women only, even men tend to be attracted and involved in this activity a lot. Shopping can cause body to release endorphins that makes us happy and get us going to do it more frequently.


One can easily say, tobacco/cigarettes are the toughest addictions to kick and even if some people manage to do it for some time, headaches and sleeplessness start to kick in. Most smokers return to smoking as a refuge in moment of weakness, thus making situation even more difficult for them.


Worst Addictions (1)
People regard work as a good thing. And surely it is, from the very first day of our school we are taught to ‘work hard.’ Some people take this term just too seriously, they are often described by another term ‘workaholic’ this state arrives when a person works day and night doing nothing except work, this addiction sometimes become unreasonable to be left away.


Worst Addictions (3)
Alcohol is becoming a very common addiction for adults now-a-days because of its easy availability in market and termed as legal for the adults. Alcohol when taken in considerable amount can lead to long-term addiction that could prove to be devastating for both mind and body of a person.



People now-a-days can prove to be so negative that they don’t get addicted to it they breed it in their mind and soul. It might seem to be an unusual of all addiction but many people who decide to stay away from optimism and positivity tend to develop habit of finding negative aspects in every type of activity around them.

10.Love Affairs

Worst Addictions (1)
Love affairs are getting so common these days that most people have lost their belief in love. This situation has arrived because of people being addicted to having love ‘affairs’ rather than having a true and dedicated relationship. And once a person develops lust for this habit, turning back to something genuine is very hard.



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