Each one of us longs to get a good rest each night but the sad reality is that some people find it difficult to sleep some nights. Stress may be one of the motivating factors behind insomnia and other sleeping disorders we encounter these modern times.
While some resort to home remedies, others go their doctors and take prescribed sleeping pills.
Here are some effective ways to get a sound sleep every night:

1. Maintain a healthy sleeping habit

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Go to sleep at a regular and definite time each night so as not to disrupt your body clock or Circadian Rhythm. Once the regular sleeping pattern is broken or changed, it can affect your sleep.

2. Practice light reading before going to bed

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It is said that reading before bed time helps you prepare for eye shut each night.

3. Increase Your Exposure to Sun

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The more natural daylight you’re exposed to, the more your body produces the hormone melatonin, which helps you to feel sleepy. Stick to a goal of getting at least two to three hours each day, and this will eventually help you fall asleep soundly at night.

4.Exercise Regularly

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Daily exercise can improve your sleeping cycle. You release feel-good hormones called “endorphins” which help lessen stress, lift up your mood, and relieve anxiety and depression.

5.Reduce Stress Before Hitting the Bed

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It’s important to feel relaxed before you go to bed each night, so note down any causes of stress before your sleeping time. If you have a To-Do List, cross off what you’ve finished that day, and write down the duties you need to do the next day. Sticking to this practice, you will find it easier to relax so that you need not worry about forgetting important things while you should be sleeping.

6. Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Close to Sleeping Time

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You might find that, when you eat a heavy dinner, you may find it hard to sleep while your stomach digests it. Also, spicy and acidic foods can cause heartburn, which makes it more difficult to sleep well.

7. Avoid Drinking Caffeine or Alcohol at Night time

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If you have beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol near to bedtime, they can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours, so restrict your intake to the morning. And even though alcohol can help you fall asleep, it can also cause you to wake up periodically through the night, so drink it moderately.

8. Make the Right Environment

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Avoid using your bedroom as a place to work or watch TV or even study. If you use your bed exclusively for sleeping, your mind and body will distinguish that getting into it means that it’s time to go to bed.

9. Take a Regular Nap

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Power naps or short naps as short as 5-10 minutes can boost your energy and help you to be more productive. Studies have shown that afternoon naps can help improve work productivity. Companies such as Google™ and the Huffington Post® provide break rooms for their employees for getting power naps.

10. Take note of your sleeping pattern in a diary or in a smart device

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This practice can help you track your sleeping cycle and find out if you have disruptions in your sleep during a given period of time.


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