Asia is endowed with attractive and scenic travel spots from the Pearl of the Orient to the Land of the Rising Sun and other favorite and famous destinations which promise you of a healthy and rich dose of thrilling adventure, fine ancient history and heritage.

Many tourists from all over flock to Asia because of its tempting culture. Check out these 10 travel destinations you might want to visit or include in your bucket list or wanderlist.

  1. Thailand

Top 10 Travel Destinations in AsiaThailand boasts of dramatic and serene islands and lush, tranquil beaches. A celestial world perfectly describes Thailand with its ubiquitous and colorful religious devotion. This country situated in Southeast Asia exudes a golden landscape coming from its shiny temples and Celestine, tropical beaches.

2- Sabah, Borneo
Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
Sabah is a dreamy, natural paradise with indigenous culture and a perfect blend of both wild and developed. Visit Kota Kinabalu, its capital city, home of the towering Mount Kinabalu.

  1. Siam Reap, Cambodia
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    One of Southeast Asia’s wondrous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Angkor Wat is situated in Siam Reap, Cambodia. The temples of Angkor Wat are 900 years old and can be found around 600 square miles of jungle

  1. Sri Lanka
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” as it is aptly called, Sri Lanka boasts of a scenic and natural landscape which comprises of tropical forests, diverse landscapes, and lush wildlife. The country also has pristine beaches with shorelines adorned with charming and intricate beach houses, a place for total rest and relaxation.


  1. Boracay, Philippines
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in AsiaOne of the most popular islands in the world with crystalline, clear, blue waters and pristine, white sand. This enchanting island situated in the tropical paradise in Asia, the Philippines is flocked by tourists coming from different parts of the world is a mesmerizing haven for certified beach and sun worshippers. It had been hailed by Yahoo Travel and BMW Tropical Beach Handbook as one of the world’s best beaches. Immerse yourselves with a wide array of beautiful attractions on Boracay Island and enjoy a diverse line of activities and sports.

  1. Hongkong, China
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    The glimmering city and former British colony exudes a complexity beyond any descriptions with its enigmatic skyscrapers, rich ancient tradition, and enticing cuisine which fascinates tourists from all over. Hongkong possesses a vibrant cultural scene featuring the eclectic Chinese roots as well as colonial influences. Aside from being Asia’s Shopping Capital, the energetic city is also Asia’s Top Culinary Capital and home to any local but talented chefs and kitchen experts.

  1. Tokyo, Japan
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    Japan’s mega city is dubbed as very “animated” because of its energetic and busy streets, subways, and sidewalks. Tokyo is gifted with some of the best free attractions in Asia: Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple, and Meij Shrine to name a few.

  1. Singapore
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    Hailed as a culinary Mecca, the city treats travelers from across the globe a taste of Southeast Asia. The city boasts of a mind-blowing skyline, and immaculate, mystic sights. It possesses a blend of green environment and skyscrapers as well as ethnic attractions such as Little India and Chinatown.

  1. Maldives
    Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia
    Opt for lavish, lush resorts and dreamy landscapes? Visit this heaven on earth which is a favorite honeymoon destination and a haven for beach bums. Though quite hard to reach, the island continues to allure tourists.

  1. TaiwanTop 10 Travel Destinations in AsiaA small island nestled east of China, Taiwan boasts of rich, hot springs, and a picturesque mountainous terrain. Taipei is its busy capital city known for street- food and busy night markets. It is also home to the Chinese Imperial art at the National Palace Museum and of course Taipei 101, a bamboo-shaped skyscraper.




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