There lives no single human being who remains untouched by love. Love, something that’s omnipresent, then how could movies stay outta it? Everybody’s got that special one, here is the list of films that are full of romance but assure a good cinema experience too.
No- spoilers!

10) The Notebook

Romantic Movies of All Time (5)

Released in 2004, The Notebook starring Ryan Goslings and Rachel McAdams is a film revolving around the story of a young couple in the 1940’s. Though the film received minced reviews, it gained cult status throughout the world.

9) A Walk To Remember

Romantic Movies of All Time (9)

Starring actors Mandy Moore and Shane West, this beautiful movie underlines the sacrifices, energy and emotions your loved one will rain in for you. One of the most memorable and moving film of the list.

8) The Vow

Romantic Movies of All Time (6)

Based on a true story, the film is a tale of a couple who face tough winds ahead and their struggle to crawl back to one another. Watch this movie to witness Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams bring life to their characters and spread the magic.

7) Bridge of Madison County

Romantic Movies of All Time (1)

One of the best romance films of the 60’s, the story is built on a photographer Robert and housewife Francesca. The film is mature in nature but it doesn’t stop it from being a touching love story. What goes on between the two leads for four days is what this film spirals up to.

6) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Romantic Movies of All Time (3)

Considered as one of the best films Jim Carrey ever acted in, while female lead is played by Kate Winslet. This 2004 flick is about a now broken couple who undergo a memory erasing program to forget one another

5) The Apartment

Romantic Movies of All Time (2)

A film which will take you unguarded every now and then, it’s rich in character building and the story narrative never fails to impress you no matter how many times you watch it. Get hitched to the screen while watching this great piece of work.

4) 500 Days of summer

Romantic Movies of All Time (8)

A 2009 release is about a run for the discovery of true passions after Tom gets dumped by his girlfriend Summer. Hop on to the journey where Tom reflects the 500 days he spent with Summer to see what went wrong in their relationship.

3) Titanic

This flawlessly carved piece of art from James Cameron is an all time epic love story and probably the most watched love story ever made. Full of love and drama this story is capable of hooking up the audience like a pro. And oh! Jack and Rose do not require any introduction I believe.

2) Brief Encounter

Romantic Movies of All Time (2)

How often does your heart skip a beat when you meet a stranger in a rail journey? This is a bizarre film but also one of the best under the cap of romance. This British master piece will not only make your heart skip a beat but assures a brilliant product for worth your time.

1) Before Sunrise

Romantic Movies of All Time (10)

It’s a beautiful story of two strangers who strike up a conversation on route a train journey and the events that unravel. This 1995 American romance film stays successful in being an intelligent product and at the same time successful at presenting love between the two characters.


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