Some people are into small talks and trivial matters while others would rather engage in deeper conversations with other people. Topics to be discussed can vary depending on the personality of the individuals involved but it’s always a fun time if you can talk about anything under the sun.

Listed below are some great conversation topics you can have during a date or simply when chatting with friends or other people:


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There is a definitely a big difference between a job and a career. A job is what you do for a living. A career is a journey of learning, passion of doing something and receiving value that leaves you with self- fulfillment.


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These days, traveling is easily accessible and it is the favorite leisure time of many people who can afford the expenses. Almost every person with a decent compensation already experienced some long distance traveling each year and can offer a lot of stories to tell you.


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Books may have their restrictions as an interest, anybody who doesn’t live in a monastery watches interesting films. This is one of the richest conversations topics at any time and any given place.



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There is a wide array of hobbies people may have, from arts to handicrafts, etc. It’s but nice to ask others about their hobbies. You may get to know the person well by learning about their interests.



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There is this subtle attraction most of us humans have towards food: making it, seeing it, acquiring it and eating it. It’s not just a subject limited to housewives and chefs but for anyone as well. Another favorite conversation topic.


6.Talk about men and women

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It’s considered as one of the most engaging conversation topics. Generally, men want to talk about women and women like talking about other men.


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Almost everybody with a level of education above high-school reads books, even if or at least once in a while. Sure, people may have different interests in what they subject they like to read, but books in itself is very big and engaging topic .Also, remember that the alternative sources for reading material such as newspapers, magazines, journals, websites and the increasingly famous blogs which anybody can now have.

8.Human Psychology

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Generally, we love the subject of human nature and nurture. We want to understand ourselves better and to understand others better as well. To some people, this is almost like having a superpower as to delve into the psyche of another person.

 9.Bars, clubs, pubs and coffee shops

Conversation Topics (4)You can ask another person where he or she usually hangs out. Some people might prefer going to places where they can dance or sing and some where they can eat and drink and still others where they can just hangout or use their people skills to mingle with other people.


If you live in a relatively big city or suburb, likely there’s a lot happening every day of the week such as conferences, celebrations, marches, strikes, accidents, alien invasions and so on. You can engage in this conversation subject, too which can lead to more interesting topics.


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