This isn’t science-fiction!

It may be a dream to get on a train in New York and arrive at London by plane in just half an hour, but it’s not impossible. Planned to travel at Mach 10 speed in the sky, the hybrid plane Skreemr offers this great alternative.  

Designed by industrial designers Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison, the concept is about locomotive transforming into a jet at the point where it reaches to the sea, and launching itself into the sky by employing electrically operated magnetic ignition system and two hydrogen-fueled rockets. According to Forbes, this unbelievable jet will travel at 7,672 miles per hour—nearly six times faster than the legendary Concorde.

Inspired by XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx spacecraft and Bombardier’s experience riding bullet trains in Japan, Skreemr has been named after the sound that its shockwave would generate, coupled with the word “banshee” (a shrieking mythological spirit).

As for the cost, Bombardier tells that “it would still cost a lot more than any business jet on the market today.”

It will take some time before this dream becomes a reality, however. It is also an intriguing question that how passengers will tolerate the paralyzing speed.

Just to be sure, keep your seat belt fastened!

Supersonic Aircraft Concept (4) Supersonic Aircraft Concept (3) Supersonic Aircraft Concept (2) Supersonic Aircraft Concept (1)


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