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8 Celebrities Whose Early Lives Were Miserable


It is not always easy to reach our personal goals without working hard. Or may be good luck… There are people around that had rough times, but struggled and achieved to be in good positions they are now. Among them, there are well known celebrities…

Here is the list of 8 celebrities whose early lives were miserable:

1.Eartha Kitt

Celebrities Grew Up In Poverty (8)

She was famous for being the first Afro-American Cat Woman. Many people cried when she died in 2008. She was not just an actress but also a singer, dancer and an activist. When she was a kid, she became homeless and her childhood was full of miseries: She slept on the rooftops in New York for a long time.


  1. Seriously need to fire or give more instruction to your writer or editor as that was horribly edited. Did anyone proof read this? Almost every celebrity that was written about has spelling or Grammer errors. You think you would want that put online perfectly. Scared to read more articles. Hurts my brain to think to what us should properly say!


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