For working women, getting up early and then sparing time to put on makeup might be a torture. If you also have kids, you either avoid it or don’t care much. If we put these realities aside, putting on makeup has, in fact, a totally ‘important’ and different aspect that needs attention even if you hate it. Hang on to your hat! According to the researches, women who put on makeup earn much more than those who don’t so.  We’ve gathered some tips for you relying on the suggestions of Jerry Johnson, the makeup artist of Laura Mercier. Here are 9 mistakes you do while putting on makeup at the office and their suggestions:

1.Not Choosing the Right Lighting: The best place to put on makeup at the office lightened with fluorescent lighting is in front of the window that takes a daylight.

Putting On Makeup At The Office (1)

2.Applying Too Much Metallic Tones: As the lighting is again a problem here, refrain from wearing metallic makeup as much as possible.

Putting On Makeup At The Office

3.Not Taking Advantage of Lipsticks During Presentations: Don’t hesitate over wearing red lipsticks to draw the attentions.

Putting On Makeup At The Office (7)

4.Applying Too Much Foundation: Just try to conceal dark spots and black marks instead of losing your skin tone. Forgetting To Color Your Eyebrows: Eyebrows reveal the shape of your face and make your makeup much more attractive.

Putting On Makeup At The Office (8)

5.Applying Lip Gloss: It might make you look younger, but prefer to apply it at nights.

Putting On Makeup At The Office (9)


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