Does the man you are facing give you complicated signs? We share how you can find the answers to understand if he is into you or just a friend.

It is always told that women are like puzzle; however, men are also like us. Sometimes, they can be more inapprehensible than us. They leave us with questions by constantly sending complicated signs. Does he like me? Is he flirting with me or just a friend? Is he trying to become familiar with me or just talking to me?

If you are overwhelmed with these questions, here are the signs showing if the man is flirting with you…

Talking by touching

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Among the signs showing that he is flirting with you, wish to talk by touching you is early in the list. Touching your arm while talking, putting his hand on your waist softly or touching your face by using that cliché “there’s something on your face”. These touches he doesn’t even recognize are the steps he takes to strengthen your relation. Therefore, do not abstain from giving him a taste of his own medicine. Even, surprise him by taking his arm instead of equivocation like he does.

Asking questions about your past

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None of us likes if that man questions your past. Even though we think that they are more complacent than us in these issues, they are even abstaining from asking “Do you have someone special in your life?”. Thus, they are trying to learn your relationship status by asking strange questions about your relationships. If the man you just know is asking “Why did you break up with your ex-boyfriend?” or “How long did your last relationship last?”, this means they are asking if you have any boyfriend. Of course, it means he is partial to you.

Remembering what you said

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Does he remember an ordinary event you mentioned when you met him a long time ago? Does he ask, even many days later, if it gets better when you talk about your problem related to job? Or did he just start reading a book you loved and incidentally mentioned? If your answers are “Yes”, there is a man who is really partial to you. We know that, generally, men are not really good at listening; however, if the issue is related to women to whom they are partial, they can have the ability to record everything you tell.

Looking cheerful

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If a man who is generally known his seriousness and sedateness appears more cheerful, entertaining and talkative when he is talking to you, he is probably flirting with you. Men are usually trying to attract women’s attention by showing how cheerful and entertaining they are because the cliché “Women like men who make them smile.” holds good. Look at the behaviors of the man you like in society. Does he answer you by smiling whereas he is talking to his friend seriously? Does he force himself to make a wisecrack whenever you meet him? Even though these are not very successful steps, they are the signs of his liking.


Giving preference to you

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Maybe, the most effective way to understand whether he likes you is his giving preference to you. You met outside or in a circle of friends, you got along well with him and talked to each other for hours. However, if he prefers to go with his friends while he can go on with you, we are sorry that he is not flirting with you because men prefer women they just knew instead of their friends by hoping that the relationship between them could get better at the end of the night if there is a woman he likes.

Exaggerating something

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Favorite employee of the employer, dear boy of the family, the most popular among friends, very good at sports, read all of the classics, helping other people in his leisure time… None of us believe that such a man is existing. However, he can talk about himself like this. Constantly talking about his achievements, even exaggerating it, is a sign of his liking. He is so impressed with you that he doesn’t even recognize how uninviting he can be.

Trying to find something in common

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Talking about similar memories while talking about your childhood memories, sputtering “Me too” when you say your favorite film or claiming that he also had nearly the same familial problems. Although all of these are not so charming, it is because he is trying to attract your attention by finding something in common. Be sure that the more he is trying to find something in common, the more he likes you.



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