Here are some impressive colorized photos taken in London during World War II.

1.War in Europe; Western Front



In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The next one was The Great Britain, the country where the sun never set.

(The picture shows a view of London with damage from German bombing raids).

2.The war begins



The war began between German Luftwaffe Air Force and the Royal Air Force of The Great Britain in 1940, lasted 3 months.

The bombing raid of Germany was the worst air raid on London in the history. Nazi Germany continued bombing the British Islands and mainland. The Royal Air Force (RAF) used the radar system for the first time during the war.

(The picture shows that workers try to clear debris from the lot where a home once stood).

3.London under bombardment



The Luftwaffe Air Force arrived at London in a short time and the air raids began. Their attacks failed to beat The Great Britain and their ground operation called Operation Sea Lion was suspended.

Hitler moved his troops back when he understood that he wouldn’t invade The Great Britain.

After the victory of RAF, Winston Churchill explained his feelings by saying; ‘’Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few’’.

4.A bus in London rests in a massive crater left by a German bomb



A great loss and damage, 1940.

5.The damage in London caused by bombing raids



The damage and loss affected people’s psychology in a negative way. The Great Britain had never seen such damage caused by the conflict before. However the RAF had never given up and led Hitler to move his troops back.

6.The view of St Paul Cathedral after bombing


7.London in 1940


8.People work a ‘victory garden’ during the war


9.Man sits on a park bench in London and reads a book, a moored ‘barrage balloon’ is visible in the background while a second one soars high in the distance


10.Hyde Park, 1940


11.The outside of London during the war




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