There are many ways to get rid of hair today. A lot of people try using methods like electrolysis epilation, hair removal cream, laser technology, waxing or a classic one, razor.

If you want to be smooth and ready for summer – waxing can be an ideal option! Yet, if you are not having your hair removed at a beauty center, the after mass of waxing may be a total disaster! You may realize that the wax is all over the place! We can assure you that after you are done with your waxing, you will realize that you have sticky carpets, clothes and legs. However, don’t worry. You don’t have to use your stained sticky clothes and chuck your clothes away!

To get rid of sticky wax stains you can use similar methods used in removing candle wax. But, one should keep in mind that compared to candle wax, sticky waxing stains take longer to cool down and freeze. In brief, you may need much more ice to remove a wax stain!

If you have spilt some of the wax while you were concentrating on how soft your legs have become, whatever you do you shouldn’t wipe it or try to clean it while it is still warm! In order to avoid spreading it you must be patient and treat it after you have finished your waxing! Just forget about it while you are waxing. Otherwise, the waxy wetness may spread and may set in clothing or fabric, which you don’t want to happen. It is almost impossible to remove set in stains!

Getting Rid Of Wax StainsHow To Get Rid Of Wax Stains (2)

Wait for the stain to get cold or even freeze. It will get harder as it gets colder which is good. Add two or three pieces of ice onto it! This will make the hardening process easier. When it is hard and cold enough try removing the sides of the hardened wax with a spoon or a knife! Make sure you don’t damage the fabric. Also be careful if you are using a knife because we can get rid of a wax stain quite easily, but it can be pretty difficult to sew a finger back in its place!

Also, while removing it with a knife or spoon make sure the metal doesn’t touch the fabric a lot. Just try to remove the surface and outer parts of the hardened wax! If you have been following the steps correctly up to now, there will be a lot of tiny hard wax bits all over the place, which is totally normal! Just hoover the bits spread after you are done!

You have removed most of the wax stain with the knife or spoon and now it is time to remove the remaining part. You will need an iron and paper bags to remove the stubborn cold wax. For this part you will need to sue the iron on its lowest temperature and dry iron mode! If the stain is on something like the carpet which can be pretty hard to place on an ironing board you have to do it wherever it is.

If the wax is on your clothes you can use the ironing board, but don’t forget to take your stained clothes off before ironing it! Otherwise, things can obviously get worse. Anyway, put a few layers of paper bag on your stained clothing. Make sure there is no writing or logo on the paper bag, you wouldn’t want a logo or something to be printed on your clothing would you? Unless you want a Papa Johns or McDonalds logo on your clothes. Putting the fun aside, the reason for using the paper bag is to melt the wax so it leaves the clothing and gets on to the paper bag. Quite cool isn’t it! Whilst doing this make sure you don’t press down the iron too hard on the layer of paper bags!

If this method doesn’t work after trying and the stain hasn’t totally left the clothing, you can use a drop of alcohol on cotton and apply it to the stained surface. Be careful and don’t use too much alcohol, we don’t want the fabric to fade! Also only rub the cotton and alcohol to the stained area. When the stain has gone wash the clothing with a lot of water.

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Waxing has been very popular for women and their personal hygiene and beauty care for ages. Even though the technological advancements of the modern world have found different solutions for hair removal, waxing is still being used by a lot of people. Many athletes also find waxing quite useful and believe in its benefits. Also a lot of metrosexual men care want smooth legs, backs, chests and shoulders.

Although waxing can be very simple and basic for hair removal, small accidents can occur during the process. Sometimes you can get wax all over your clothes, furniture, carpets and it shouldn’t surprise you to find drops and remains of wax on your hands and skin. After learning the correct way, you will realize that it is actually very easy to remove wax stains from your body, clothes and furniture.

There isn’t a magical formula you will need to know during the process. It is actually very simple to remove wax stains. After the stain has occurred, you will need to know what kind of stain it is. Is it a strip wax stain or a normal hot wax stain? These two types of waxing methods can need different ways of treatments. Knowing with what the wax dissolves and a correct treatment in relation to it, will make it much easier for us during the process cleaning. If you have used waxing strips the stain will dissolve in oil, if you have used a normal hot wax it will dissolve in water. Briefly, what you will need to use in order to remove the stain actually depends on what wax you were using.

Normal Hot Wax Stains

Only Water

It is possible to remove normal hot wax stains from your clothes, carpets and furniture with the help of water. For this you will need a clean cloth! Make sure that the cloth isn’t made of dark colored or colorful fabric. A colorful cloth may leave new stains on the wax stained fabric. Splash some water on the hot wax stained area! Gently press down and wipe the stained area with the cloth. Make sure you don’t spread the stain while rubbing. It is very important not to spread the stain. With the help of warm water and the cloth you will realize that the stain is slowly dissolving.

Strip Wax Stains

Strip wax stains can be more difficult to remove compared to hot waxing. Because it is clearly more practical than hot waxing usage of it is widespread. Removing strip wax stains with water, soap, shampoo or detergent is impossible. On the other hand it will actually make the stain set in.

Finishing Oil and Finish Wipes

You will need some wax finishing oil and a clean cloth to remove stains and drops of wax from your clothes. Some strip waxes come with a finish oil. They will do to. Place a drop of finishing oil on the stained area and then gently wipe the waxed area with a clean cloth. You can also wait for a while after placing a drop of oil on the stained area, which is also a well-known method. The stain will leave after you use these methods. Subsequently, you can wash your clothes with hot water, or perfect the cleaning with an oil removal detergent.

Baby Oil and Others

Besides Finishing Oil and Finish Wipes; baby oil, olive oil and even other natural oils will do the job and remove your strip wax stains. Just grab some cotton and place a few drops of oil on it and wipe the stained area carefully. Then, sponge the area with some detergent and water before putting it into the washing machine. Don’t forget to read washing instructions before washing your stuff!


Using acetone is also a practical technique to remove wax stains. Because it consists of glycerine and benzole, which our totally organic compounds it can be used to dissolve many stains from textures. After placing a few drops of acetone on your cotton apply it to the stained area without rubbing it in. Just wipe the area slowly and you will realize that the remains of wax are disappearing! You should be careful, because the strong chemicals inside acetone may possibly damage your fabric. Therefore, don’t use too much acetone in cleaning the stained area!

Thinner and Gas Oil

Another way of removing strip wax is using a thinner or gas oil. Pour some thinner or gas oil on the stained area. It is totally up to you their effects are almost the same. After you have poured some wipe the area carefully. You will realize that the stain is slowly fading out. Quickly wash the area with plenty of water and put your clothes in the washing machine! Don’t forget to read the washing instructions on the label.

Removing Wax Stains from Carpets

While waxing spoiling your nice carpet with wax stains can be moralizing. Just as all stubborn stains have remedies, wax stains have can be removed easily from carpets too! Using synthetic thinner in removing wax stains is a very effective way. It will neither harm the texture of your carpet nor the color of it. It will actually quickly remove the wax stains!

Place a few drops of synthetic thinner on the stained area and scrape the remains off with a hard object like a brush or comb. You will realize that the stain easily fades out.

Wax Stains on the Skin

After waxing the last thing you want is sticky hands, legs and feet! You can easily remove wax stains from your skin by using baby oil or finish wipes. If you have been using hot wax rather than a strip wax, it will be easier as water will easily remove the wax from your hands, legs and feet!


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