What kind of make-up should you wear when you go out on a first date?

There are many reasons women wear make-up,to feel better,to look good in the public or maybe the most important to look attractive to the men. Especially we have no idea what kind of make-up should we wear. Even we want to look beautiful and attractive,we don’t want to exaggerate. Usually men like natural make-up. Is ıt really true? Although sometimes we wear make-up for them,we don’t have any idea what they really want.So we searched and wrote about the first date make-up tips from men’s eye for you.


Natural Make-up

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It’s not a myth that men like natural make-up,it’s the truth. At this point we need to know what they know about the natural make-up. Most of the men don’t know anything about make-up,so they are not good at understanding amount of make-up. Dark colors,foundations and pretentious looks are found exaggerated by men. That means if you wear your make-up just enough you can feel good . If you feel like hiding your flaws,you can choose natural foundation, proper color of lipstick and blusher to your skin.


Little Color on the lips

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Vivid color lips make you look healty. Especially colored lips like cherry are more tempting to men. Men who don’t like dark colors,find vivid colors like pink,peach and red very sexy. With a proper shade of lipstick to your skin tone, you can look sexier to your date.


Smokey eyes

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One of the make-up kinds that men like the most is the smokey eyes. You can attract a man with a smokey eye make-up especially if you go on a date at night. You can be sexy with a smokey eye make-up that emphasizes your eyes.

Little Blusher

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Blusher is the most important savior of us to look more alive and healty. With a little touch of blusher,you can have the cheeks like apple which appeal to the men. Men who don’t like too much make-up,like just a little amount of blushers that give some color to the face. They love pinkish cheeks because it reminds them the blushed cheeks after sex. When you go on a date,don’t forget your natural tone blusher.

Shiny lips

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Men usually like shiny lips. The detail that they find very sexy is one of the most imortant thing when you wear your make-up.  Instead of a vibrant color,you can choose glossy lipstick. You can get the ideal lip color with a light pink,peach or cherry toned glossy lipstick. You will definitely get his attention with your lips when you smile.



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