There are still a lot of unknown things about schizophrenia. Yet, there are a lot of movies, novels and etc. showing their daily lives, struggles and thoughts.

One of the Reddit users, called ErosPram, answered the questions that were asked to her about her schizophrenia under the topic of AMA (Ask Me Anything). ErosPram suffers from schizophrenia and she is very well aware of the visions and voices she sees and hears are not real. She also answered the questions that were asked to her inner personalities.

1.Could you please describe the inner voices and visible hallucination? Are they all female? How do you “interact” with them on a typical day?

Answer Session With A Schizophrenic Person (1)

ErosPram: The inner voices live or exist inside me. They talk each other and talk to me. They are like separate people living in one body with me owning the body. If I say or do something those people will want to comment on, they do, but they tend to do it quietly and respect that I own the body, not hem. Blank and Little are both female, Demon is, as far as I can tell, a male. He doesn’t look or act like a human so I don’t like to identify him as one. I can see and hear Demon. He is the most difficult to handle. I ignore him because I know he is there but at the same time he isn’t. At night, I like to acknowledge them, but never in public.



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