Motherhood is bliss. For every living being, being a mom means care, love and compassion toward their babies. Here, we have a good example: This happy Dachshund mom really cares and loves her cute puppies that she recently attended a photo shooting together with them. Thank God they took part in such a project, so we’ve found the chance to see the wonderful and lovely family’s photos!
Hold on to your hat! You will swoon over these cute puppies! Here are mother Dachshund and her lovely puppies with their colorful hats:

We think that these puppies got famous only 5 seconds after they were born because of their cuteness!

Happy Dachshund Mom
Little Dachshund seems to be sleeping on a cloud.

Happy Dachshund Mom
They are sweet enough to put a smile on our faces and make our day!

Happy Dachshund Mom
We hope that they will lead a happy life throughout long years as they do now!

Happy Dachshund Mom


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