You dress so well that the accessories you prefer and the bags you use become one with you. You are glad that you use your own handicraft for your way of dressing liked by everyone. You improve your classiness with handmade accessories and you discover the best ways to use your old belongings again. You are on your way to a new discovery now and you are looking for handmade bag models. You have many pairs of old jeans, you have lots of colorful buttons. You want to use them, you want to make them much useful and to make handmade bags. Then, we want you to see our handmade bag models. You can give one of these handmade bags to your loved ones as a birthday present and make them happy.

Attractive Handmade Bags

Denim Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags (1)

You have a leather belt and a pair of old jeans? Then, you can combine the two and create a nice denim bag. You will get brownie points with these bags and everybody will be curious about where you bought them.

How to Make a Bag from a Pair of Jeans?

The Most Beautiful Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags (2)

Do you know that you can make handmade bags from jeans? Comfortable, stylish and attractive. With these denim bag models, you will improve your classiness.

How to Make a Bag from a Pair of Jeans?

Denim, Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags (3)

You can make handmade bag models, which you created by using your old jeans, much more attractive with buttons and embroidery.

How to Make a Handmade Bag?

Knitted Handmade Bags

You feel confident about knitting and you can knit almost anything you can imagine. You just need to see, to imagine. Well, if this is the case, then you can create a great gift option for your loved ones by making stylish, handmade, knitted bags.


Handmade Knitted Bags

 Handmade Bags (5)

You will convince everyone about how talented you are with these handmade bags that require real talent.

Handmade Bags Made of Fabric

You can turn fabrics that you liked into wonderful handmade bags according to your delight.

Patched Handmade Bags
Handmade Bags (7)

You can make your old bags valuable again by combining colorful leather pieces.

Handmade Bags Made with Buttons

Handmade Bags (8)

Your bags are getting old? You don’t want to use your favorite bag anymore because some part of it tore? Then, we recommend you to renew your favorite bag with colorful buttons.

Handmade Bags Decorated with Buttons

Handmade Bags (9)


The perfect view brought by buttons to your bags.

The Most Stylish Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags (10)

You can decorate shoulder strap part of your bags with buttons and make it look perfect.

Handmade Bags Made of Woven Felt

Handmade Bags (11)

Wonderful handmade bags that you can make with woven felt and that generally go with your winter combinations.

How to Make Bags from Woven Felt?

The Most Beautiful Handmade Bags

Bags made of woven felt will commune with your classiness and make you look more beautiful.


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