Having brown spots on face is a common problem of many people around the world. It can affect physical appearance in a negative way. Factors like increase of pigmentation and senility can cause brown spots. In this text, you can find plenty of useful information which will help you to reduce the number of brown spots on face.

Brown spots can develop due to aging and sun exposure for a long period of time without sun protection cream. Factors like hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy, skin allergy, lack of personal hygiene, genetic factors, menopause, stress and depression may also contribute to this problem.

In some cases, it is hard to get rid of brown spots completely, but there is still hope! If you follow the treatments and products we will recommend you below, you can have a clear skin.

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E helps skin recover from weary skin syndrome caused by external factors like air pollution, smoke and dust. It can be seen that brown spots will become more pale on the condition that Vitamin E oil is being applied regularly.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is used in order to clear the surface of skin and to have a natural glowing face.

Aloe Vera: It is widely known that, Aloe Vera is used to get a smooth skin for centuries. It heals irritated skins and redness when it is gently applied on the brown spots.

Lemon: Another treatment is lemon which is very rich in Vitamin C. Lemon is an amazing color whitener. If lemon juice is applied on the brown spots regularly, it bleaches the spots.

Skin Whitener Creams: Apart from natural treatments described above, you can also use cosmetics like bleach cream to whiten the brown spots. If you decide to apply bleach cream on the spots, make sure that it consists natural ingredients. Products made from natural ingredients will also nonallergenic.

Although brown spot problem is not considered as a serious skin disease, they can spread easily. Despite of all those natural treatments, if you don’t get any good results in terms of recovery, you should consult to a dermatologist for a detailed diagnosis and a better treatment.


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