Europe is safe when it comes to violent crime. But is is highly dangerous in terms of slight theft. Purse snatching and pickpocketing is very rampant in places where tourists gather.

TripAdvisor has listed five Europe cities that tourists faced theft and robbery more often than others and gave tips in order not to be victims of pickpocketing.

1.Barcelona, Spain

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A day is experiencing 300 cases of theft. Barcelona is really a lovely city but this pickpocket capitol surrounded by them. This beautiful city attracts many tourists so take care when travelling Barcelona. This is the city that known as world’s larceny heaven.

2.Paris, France

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A central landmark of the city Louvre Museum faced lots of robbery cases in 2013 and this world’s largest museum has been shot down for a while after a strike issued within staff against robbery. Do not forget it isn’t just museums in Paris.

3.Madrid, Spain

Home of the famous Bosnian Gang. The gang got their fame by robbing thousands of tourists and subway passengers in Barcelona and then they moved to Madrid. They have been forbidden to enter subway area because of a technical problem. For a while, crime rates in subway decreased 40 percent. Remember, don’t look like a ‘typical’ tourist!

4.Prague, Czech Republic

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The pickpockets of Prague target tourists who use public transports, they go the rounds on the route of touristic areas, including Prague Castle. Get a bag that you can wear across your shoulders. Not only one shoulder!

5.Roma, Italy

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The Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Vatican are frequent destination not only for tourists but also for thieves. Especially men, never ever carry your wallet in your back pocket. If you do – you may not have it long!


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