You can impress men even with your odor, smile or hair color. How? Below, for you, we will explain 10 details that impress men.

  1. Your Dressing Style

Details that Impress Men (7)

Men who want to be accompanied by elegant ladies don’t like unnecessary details and exaggerated dressings. In the meantime, they don’t like unnecessarily low-cut dresses in inappropriate environments. Ladies who dress in a more comfortable and elegant way catch their attention more in daily life. A pair of elegant and comfortable shoes may be more stylish compared to a sexy pair of high heels for them. Therefore, try to be stylish with more comfortable dresses.

  1. Your hair color

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Seeking naturalness always, men say that women should dye their hair according to their skin color. A woman who is not blonde and yet dyes her hair blonde may be unlikable rather than attractive. In the same way, men don’t like exaggerated and attractive colors. Light colors for blonde women, black hair and brown hair are more aesthetic for men.

  1. Your Odor

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An important factor for men is women’s odor. When a man is impressed by a woman’s perfume odor, he falls under the influence of the woman, so to speak. Interestingly, rather than perfume odor, men want to smell shampoo odor diffusing from hair and shower gel and body lotion odors diffusing from body as well. These odors are important factors that impress men. Moreover, when your lover’s face comes near your skin, he will be beside himself.

  1. Your smile

    Details that Impress Men (5)Smile is the first thing that looks sexy on a woman. Believe me, a woman who laughs charmingly or who have a perfect smile is always different for a man. Yet, of course, the woman who has snow-white teeth!

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  2. Your Voice

    Details that Impress Men (8)

    A little obtuse, charming, cool or mysterious… A woman who has a sweet and feminine tone of voice is always attractive.


  1. Your Walking

Details that Impress Men (11)A woman who has high self-confidence and walks dancingly! Even for a while, a man can go behind such a woman.

  1. Your Adventurous Soul

Details that Impress Men (2)

Your interest in different and interesting things will create perfect harmony between you and your love if you are able to attract his attention.

  1. Your Communication Skills

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Women who are able to express their complex feelings clearly and transparently are also able to make their men stay loyal to themselves, even if the first flush of passion loses its influence.

  1. Your Shyness

Details that Impress Men (9)

If you are generally shy in your daily life and your bedroom is the only place for you to act crazily, your men will like this more.

  1. Your Subtle-Wit and Smartness

Details that Impress Men (10)

Just like watching an entertaining comedy movie. Tossing something back and forth during a conversation, joking with each other or your words that make you like you are intimating something to your love in a way such that only he will be able to understand – aren’t all these like foreplay?

Don’t forget that the most important detail that impresses men is smiling with white teeth!


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