David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England bought a second-hand Nissan-Micra for his wife Samantha. Cameron paid £1,495 for the blue-colored Nissan.

Ian Harris, the car dealer, says he didn’t believe first when he got the phone from Cameron’s security team. Poor man thought his friends were making fun of him but he decided to keep the store open just in case.

David Cameron Buys Used Car for His Wife (1)

The security guy asked Harris to close his store an hour late for the Prime Minister. Harris says he was shocked when Cameron arrived whit his security team. Harris states he didn’t give Cameron any special treatments and behaved him as a regular customer.

Cameron told Harris he would buy the car next morning after he took care of paper works. Harris says he didn’t give a discount to Prime Minister because the price for the car was already a nice one and he adds “It’s not like he was buying a £20,000 car!”


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