Cats are one of us. Cats are amazing that most of us love the things with cat; a t-shirt with a cat, a bag, a hairgrip, a phone cover and many more. But what about a cat cake?

If you are definitely a cat lover or one of your friends are so, you can make his/her birthday unforgettable with these cat cakes as well as make a good surprise.

So, find a cake shop that you can bring your favorite cat cake’s photo, leave it to masters and get your cat cake!

Here are some purrrrfect cat cake ideas!

1.Your turn: Catch the ball of yarn!

Cat Cake (2)

2.It almost miaows!

Cat Cake (3)

3.Your cat is about to act up (again)…

Cat Cake (4)

4.Cat with rainbow cake seems pretty awesome!

Cat Cake (5)

5.A lady kitty cat cake

Cat Cake (6)

6.A big cat head you may consider as a great gift!

Cat Cake (7)

7.Playing with flowers and butterflies

Cat Cake (8)

8.A bear-looking cat can be one of your favorites

Cat Cake (9)

9.Looks like it is real…

Cat Cake (10)

10.This one is so spoiled…

Cat Cake (11)

11.A princesses cat cake

Cat Cake (12)

12.So pretty, isn’t it?

Cat Cake (13)

13.Kitty plays with a ball of yarn!

Cat Cake (14)

14.A full cocoa cat cake seems yummy!

Cat Cake (15)

15.Eat it or watch it? Pretty as cool!

Cat Cake (16)

16.Adorable baby kittens cake!

Cat Cake (17)

17.Seems that he already started to eat…

Cat Cake (18)

BONUS: Not happy to see her face as a cake ☺

Cat Cake (19)


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