Bohemian houses, their slight turnabouts to hippie style… They heal our souls and bodies that are exhausted because of today’s living conditions with their charm, sincere and hospitable atmosphere. It is time for you to set your soul as well as your home with the following 9 decoration suggestions that are very easy and cheap as well!

1. Mixture of old and new


Use your imagination! Combine pieces that may create surprisingly good combinations.

2. Valances


Use valances to decorate the environment on your doors, walls or windows according to their colors and patterns.

3.  Plants that don’t require care


Energize your house with plants like aloe, cyclamen and cactus that don’t require much care and don’t waste your time.

4.  Bells and fringes


Create impressive appearance with bells and fringes that you can place anywhere in your house.

5. Floor cushions and floor couches


Cover unused cushions, pillows and beds with some pieces like fabrics, wrappers or blankets and enhance them visually with some tricks. Creating such places that you will use in a multifunctional way on the floor will be a great change for you and for your guests as well. If you worry about your comfort, you can use extra material.

6. Tablecloths


Essential part of bohemian houses… Always use vintage tablecloths on your tables.

7. Rugs


Use authentic rugs that are dateless part of bohemian style not just on the floor but also on the walls and stairs.

8. Alive walls


Vivid colors and intense patterns will make you happy inside – don’t refrain from making crazy decisions as you are choosing the wall’s color. Alternatively, you can use wall stickers as well.

9. Organic room odors


Instead of synthetic perfumes that contain harmful substances and harm you, prefer handmade room odors. Protect your health and provide fresh aura for your home as well.


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