According United Nations’ data of 2015, 795 million people around the world face with malnutrition. 780 million of these people live in developing countries while 11 million of them are citizens of developed countries. According to the report, nearly 6 million children each year; and 16.500 children daily die because of starvation and the situation is very serious.

Here, some famous names have taken action to help solving this major problem.

Both giving support to aid organizations and their social responsibility projects; these celebrities oppose to world hunger. Here is the list of them!

Bono: He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times

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The solo singer of U2, Bono, is also known for his contribution to social responsibility projects. Bono who has declared a war against all the evil, injustice in the worlds, supports at least 30 charities. There are issues such as hunger as well as animal rights, human rights, post-disaster relief, AIDS, refugees, the protection of freshwater resources.

Bono’s awareness about hunger, started when he went to Ethiopia after the Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986 and saw the living conditions there. Bono has made a book of photographs he took there and attended ‘ Live 8 ‘ concert which was held to end hunger in Africa. Moreover, this guardian angel, with beautiful voice, started F-Word Campaign to combat hunger in Africa and made tremendous impact in the world.

Guardian angel of children: Christina Aguilera

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After becoming a mother, Christina Aguilera started to work for children in need around the world. One of the representatives of World Food Organization, the singer is known for collecting nearly $150 million to help this charity. Aguilera continues to help people who personally go to combat malnutrition in countries such as Rwanda and Guatemala.

Batman is on duty: Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s helpful actors. Ben Affleck mostly works with charities that try to stop poverty and violence in African countries but also he actively participates in duties to combat hunger and malnutrition in these countries. Gotham is proud of you!

His good friend is also on the same road: Matt Damon

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Matt Damon, a guardian angel who came from Mars, struggles to bring clean drinking water to Africa. Damon, is also one of the representatives of Feeding America which is a non-profit network across the country helping more than 37 million people. In addition, he is an active supporter of ONE organization which is founded by Bono.

He is also in the club: 50 Cent

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50 Cent, who also grew up in difficult circumstances, always tries to help children in need. He is known as combatting hunger problem in the world by using his own energy drink Streetking to send food to children in need.

Successful in social aid: Maroon 5

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A lot of celebrities give support to Feeding America, which is a network of food banks across the country as mentioned above. Maroon 5 is another member of this organisation. Maroon 5 sends food to African children in need through this non-profit organization.

An upright man: George Clooney

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We are watching him admiringly but George Clooney also deserves to win our hearts with his charitable aspect. Especially, he came up with his help to people in Sudan. He has also his own aid agency called Not On Our Watch which supports World Food Organization greatly. You are the man!

Devoted his life: Jeff Bridges

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Jeff Bridges is one of the most experienced names in the world who fights against world hunger problem. He founded End To Hunger Network in 1986 to deliver assistance to those in need. He is the launcher of No Kid Hungry Campaign which tries to solve child hunger problem.



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