1.They still live on today!


Their civilization collapsed hundreds of years ago and the rest of the states was conquered by the Spanish during the exploration of America. However they still live on today!

Maya language is still spoken in some parts of Guatemala and Mexico, and some customs and traditions are still maintained. It is estimated that 7 million Maya people are still living in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.


2.Some customs and traditions are maintained: Babies’ foreheads and eyes.


According to a Maya tradition, the foreheads of new borns are pressed with a wooden boards in order to make them flatter. Flatter forehead symbolizes the upper class-family.

facts-that-you-might-not-know-about-maya-civilization-3Besides, an object is dangled in front of a baby’s eyes until the eyes are crossed. That is another tradition found in nobility.

3.Naming newborns…


In the past, newborn babies were all named according to the day on which they were born. Therefore, there were not so many choices for naming the kids.



Contrary to a common belief, Maya people don’t use just one calendar. Also none of their calendars predicted that the world would end in 2012. The truth is that one of these calendars cycles every 2 million and 880 thousand days, and was said to reset in the year of 2012. Another calendar named Haab has a 365 day cycle similar to the Gregorian Calendar.

When we consider that ‘365 days’ is the period of Earth revolving around the Sun, it is understood that Maya civilization had discovered this astrological truth before Copernicus (A.D. 1500s) and Aristarchus (B.C. 300 years)!

5.Medical Science and Maya People


Yes, they discovered some facts about astrology before some astronomers, yet there was another point proving that Maya civilization was the best at: Dentistry.

Maya people could fill teeth, and even fill the teeth with precious stones as a part of their tradition!

Beside dentistry, they could sutured the wounds by using human hair. They used some herbs for the hallucinogenic drugs (in religious rituals) and anesthetics (in medicine) purposes. They could even perform prostate operations!

6.Many methods for sacrifice…


Prisoners and slaves were first tortured, then painted in blue for sacrifice. Then, they would be led up to the top of the pyramid-shaped temples and skinned. The priest would dressed himself in their skins. The skinned but living prisoners and slaves were later then killed by cutting their hearts out of their chests.



Maya civilization had an advanced writing culture which was ahead of their time. They wrote almost everything on the stone tablets and walls.

During the Spanish conquest, unfortunately most of these tablets and walls were lost or became deformed.

8.So, how did the Maya civilization collapse?


The remains from Maya civilization collapsed and were destroyed by the Spanish during the exploration of America. The last self-governing state submitted to the Spanish rule in 1600s.

However this civilization collapsed long years ago before the Spanish invasion. It is assumed that Maya civilization collapsed because of the climatic changes and drought.


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