Cats love little tiny indoor places. They feel safe in such places. That’s why they are more interested in the box than the lovely present you got for them. They get inside the box, sleep and rest peacefully. Let’s learn how to make a cat tent using materials you likely to have in your home and see how they are going to be in raptures.

It’s time to be happy for both of you.

Come on now! Crack your knuckles and get to work!

You will need two wire hangers, a piece of cardboard and a T-shirt.

Step 1

Make Cat Tents (1)

First, untie the wire hangers with the help of a pliers and straighten them to have vertical bars.   

Step 2

Make Cat Tents (2)

Bend the wires shaped vertically as in visual.

Step 3

Make Cat Tents (3)

Then put the wires in 30*30 cardboard to get the structure of the tent.

Step 4

Make Cat Tents (4)

Tape the wire intersection above and exposed wires under the cardboard, slide the T-shirt over the tent structure, pick up sleeves with hooked needle.

Step 5

Make Cat Tents (5)

Finally, put the tent into service, hope they like it and meow joyfully or you know, just sleep as they do as their best.


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