If you don’t love animals more than people then you wouldn’t understand what it means to love animals more than people. To understand this you have to spend a lot of time with both people and animals… Then you will see that you will also love animals a lot more too.

1. Firstly animals aren’t people and don’t have those annoying, disgusting, bad, wicked etc. characteristics that people do.

Love Animals (5)
2. You have someone that you can tell all your secrets to!

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3. You can communicate with them even though they can’t talk. Sometimes you can never communicate with those people who speak the same language as you.

Love Animals (7) 4. Sometimes you prefer to stay at home and watch shows, play, hug, sleep etc. with your pet rather than go out with your friends.

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5. It’s not possible to not get on with someone who also loves animals and has a pet.

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6. You may be a persona sibling, lover, friend, daughter, father, mother, uncle etc. But you are everything to an animal.

Love Animals (4)

7. When you look at all of your selfies you realise that the best selfies are those that you have taken with animals.

Love Animals (9)
8. An animal will never betray you, if it does then the problem is you 100%… Isn’t that true?

Love Animals (16)

9. Nothing will give the ease of coming home after a tiring day and hugging a true friend!

Love Animals (18)
10. Looking at pictures of animals is always more comforting than those of people do.

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11. You will never find a cat, dog, bird, fish, rabbit etc. that leaves you saying “I’m suffocating,” “I can’t breathe,” “We should give a break,” “you are too good for me…”

Love Animals (12)
12. Animals will never cause meaningless problems, arguments; they will only find ways to make themselves loved.

Love Animals (13)
13. You will always prefer to be among a group of puppies rather than among people.

Love Animals (14)
14. An animal’s love you and even your love for an animal is totally unconditional and is free from self-benefit and expectations.

Love Animals (11)
15. You will always be the one who loves the dog, cat, bird etc. who is always in the corner in parties, meetings and gatherings.

16. The death of the leading actor in a movie is always upsetting but the death of an animal is devastating!!

Love Animals 2 (4)
17. When you look at the accounts that you follow on the social media you will find that most of the accounts you follow are accounts that share animal photos videos etc.

Love Animals 2 (3)
18. An animal is never fake, they will always show you what they feel and they will never try to fool you.

Love Animals (10)
19. They will never go behind your back, talk behind your back or make plans behind your back.

Love Animals 2 (1)
20. Animals are innocent, naïve and well meant.

Love Animals (1)
Bonus: Whenever you feel lonely and trust no one, there is always someone that will cheer you up with one look and with his existence.



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