Yawning is an involuntarily action that has many scientific explanations.

The reason why we yawn is still not clear, but its contagious effect has been known for years. 80% of people yawn when they see or hear another person yawning.

1.We start ’yawning’ before we are born.

Yawning Is Contagious

2.There are lots of reasons.

Yawning Is Contagious (18)

3.You may be tired.

Yawning Is Contagious (17)

4.Maybe you could not sleep.Yawning Is Contagious (20)

5.Or woke up early.

Yawning Is Contagious (6)

6.You may get bored.Yawning Is Contagious (3)

7.Cat yawns, too.

Yawning Is Contagious (19)

8.And dogs…

Yawning Is Contagious (1)

9.Even snakes…Yawning Is Contagious (14)

10.Covering your mouth while yawning is considered as courtesy.Yawning Is Contagious (11)

11.You may look creepy while yawning.Yawning Is Contagious (8)

12.And others can see you…Yawning Is Contagious (2)

13.Sometimes you do not want to yawn.

Yawning Is Contagious (16)

14.During an interview…Yawning Is Contagious (4)

15.While reporting news…Yawning Is Contagious (1)

16.Or during a meeting.Yawning Is Contagious (3)

17.They may say you are lazy.Yawning Is Contagious (2)

18.Yawning is contagious.Yawning Is Contagious (7)

19.Scientifically;Yawning Is Contagious (13)

We start yawning before we are born. The frequency of yawning is changed based on the oxygen level of the place we are in. It is considered as a precursor to sleep, but yawning also helps your lungs to get oxygen and your brain to cool, so they can operate more efficiently and keep you awake. It is also related to human moods. If you get bored, you may start to yawn.

Anyway, yawning is good for your health, so yawn away!  



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