All hail beautiful women who don’t apply even lipstick.

1. Everyone says “how low your expenses are” but in fact, you are just lazy.


2. Instead of applying makeup on your face, you prefer to sleep 45 minutes more, justifiably.

Makeup (7)

3. Although you were not able to apply your eyeliner correctly, why rush off from home and be late for your job?

Makeup (2)

4. Furthermore, you look gorgeous even without any makeup.

Makeup (7)

5. Maybe this is not your best, but who cares?

Makeup (6)

6. Of course, when it is about appreciating other people’s interests and skills related with makeup, you are the best.

Makeup (1)

7. Yet, there is no place for makeup among your lovely and comfortable priorities.

Makeup (5)

Makeup is nice.

8. You know that the money, which you save or which you will save by not buying makeup materials, will be much more useful at one point.


Why buy a tiny bottle of makeup removal tonic for 10$??

9. You CAN’T UNDERSTAND how some women do those professional makeups every single day.


10. That lipstick is enough to disgust you when you see it on somebody’s drinking glass.

Makeup (2)

11. You run away from beauty shops and of course you are unable to understand why they are so crowded.

Makeup (3)

12. People who learn that you don’t put on makeup are shocked.

Makeup (1)

13. Even before learning that you don’t put on makeup, people will be jealous of you as they are sure that you are using mascara.

Makeup (4)

14. In fact, you like to get makeup done occasionally.

Makeup (5)

It may be truer if we say once in a blue moon or from a wedding to another.

15. Yet, the result is never as you expected.

Makeup (3)

16. When it is time to sleep, the only thing you want to do is to sleep – but you need to “cherish” the person who did the makeup.


17. You say, from inside, “thanks, see you at the next wedding”…

Well, okay, see youu..


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