One day, you watch a movie and your life changes. We are sure that you will have some moments that will affect your life while you are watching these movies.

Sometimes we cannot get over some movies. When the movie ends, a new period begins in our lives. Sometimes we get angry with a character in the movie, sometimes we admire that character and sometimes we pattern ourselves on that character.

Below, we listed the movies that every woman should watch. In these movies, you can see how you should act about any issue that you hesitate to say, that you are afraid of and that you feel yourself incompetent. In advance, enjoy the movies…


Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

Frida character managed to be unforgettable and it should be an example for all women. Do you have a disease? Did you have an accident and your life changed? These don’t create the end of your life. At her age of 6, one leg of Frida became permanently disabled due to polio. At her age of 18, the bus that she uses from school to home had an accident and she had 32 surgical operations. After this accident, there were pain, hospitals, doctors and medical materials in her life. She didn’t give up. She found a job that she was interested in. In this movie, you will see her struggles, his passion for love and how strong she was although she had to spend most of his life lying her back,

2.Edith Piaf-La Vie En Rose

Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

This movie was adapted into screenplay from the real life story of French artist Edith Piaf. Life is not fair for everyone. A mother who abandoned her daughter, a father who is hundreds of miles away and a child who is trying to grow within an unhealthy environment. There are lots of obstacles. Just at the time everything becomes alright, bad things follow about. But after years, in spite of everything the child experienced, she is a woman of the world who says “love”…

3.Coco Before Chanel

Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

A woman who creates a revolution – obstinate, ambitious and smart, headstrong so much that she accepts no template, convincing so much that she is able to make herself accepted. Life can’t be spent by thinking “What does people who are around think about me?” If that had been the case, nobody would have heard of Coco Chanel. If there is anything you want to do, don’t wait. Let this movie be your guide.


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