Technology is now everywhere in our lives – in our smartphones, in our computers at home or at our offices. Therefore, we all have become acquainted with technology, one way or another. However, especially elder people must take education to use technological devices!

After you see the photographs below, you will believe in the necessity of ‘technology for everyone’ concept one more time!

15. Should we die because we have a desktop computer?

Use Technological Devices (14)

She apes people working on their laptops and carried her computer, so what? She looks comfortable, let’s be preoccupied with our own troubles.

14. Who needs earphones?

Use Technological Devices (15)

My friend, I will listen to this music one way or another!

13. What is screenshot? What does it do?

Use Technological Devices (16)

An innocent mother taking a photograph of her own smartphone – because she knows nothing about screenshot!

12. Tragedy of a computer infected with virus – coming soon!

Use Technological Devices (1)

Yes, it is dishwashing liquid. It is incredible!

11. Tenderhearted professor who doesn’t have the heart to ignore her computer and makes it sleep

Use Technological Devices (2)

I hope she shows the same tenderness to her students and does not give low grades.

10. Specially designed for grandmothers and grandfathers!

Use Technological Devices (3)

Because the other keys are not required.

9. Endless Photograph

Use Technological Devices (4)

Didn’t you hurt your arm, sweetheart?

8. Do you know a useful thing called as “earphone”?

Use Technological Devices (5)

Don’t you see any weird thing in this photograph? Really?

7. I needed a flowerpot, not a printer!

Use Technological Devices (6)

The plant is happy, the printer is hopeless.

6. Plug Socket That Generates Electricity by Itself

Use Technological Devices (7)

Whoever did this, he/she must have abandoned himself/herself to this.

5. If she could have moved the device a little more distant from her eyes, she would have invented selfie.

Use Technological Devices (8)

You are the wrong, I am taking a photograph of my eye.

4. Why not use iPhone as a cassette tape?

Use Technological Devices (10)

3. A mother who reutilizes an old home telephone

Use Technological Devices (11)

Look how well it becomes a remote control holder.

2. No zoom in key?

Use Technological Devices (12)

Doesn’t matter, I have a magnifying glass.

1. Hellooo, I am entering the tunnel, I can’t hear you!

Use Technological Devices (13)


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