If you have a cat, then you know how cats like heat and they can sleep any place warm.

Cats are the only animal species likely to say ‘’ I sleep whereever unless it is cold’’. You will often see your cat snoozing in a sunbeam, laying down by a heater in your room. Especially you can see it if the ambient temperature is cool. Knowing that they sleep for most of their lives and when they’re not sleeping they find a place to keep warm. Cats are inventive when it comes to warmst. Ovens, radiators, reading lamps, laptops  etc.  These pictures are all the proof you need that how much cats crave warm.

1)Oowff! Sun is awesome my friend.

Cats That Love (2)

2)I can sunbathe for hours here.

Cats That Love (6)

3)I worship like a cat in front of your sun!

Cats That Love (12)


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