People who fight with blackheads, we have a lot of different masks,peeling and tonic recipes with ingredients you can easily find at your home.

Blackheads are mostly seen on oily skins. Blackheads are occuring when clogged pores meet with the oxygen. How can we get rid of these blackheads without using chemicals that make damage to our skin? We’ve searched for the blackhead cleaning ways over the years for you. You will love this masks with natural ingredients.


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For having rich minerals,clay has been using for treating skin diseases for a long time. Clay mask cleans the pores and makes the skin absorb all the minerals. To avoid the dry skin, use moisturizer after applying this mask.You can add rose-water or vinegar to get the maximum effect according to your skin sensitivity.

Mix almost one table spoon of clay with a glass of water and make it heavy paste consistency. Apply it to your face and wait for 10-25 minutes.  Clean it with warm water.


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Carbonate is a really effective weapon to get rid of blackheads as well as acnes. The reason is simple,carbonate has a granular structure and it works as a natural peeling. Also it’s really cheap! Mix 2 table spoon of carbonate  with mineral water and make it paste consistency. Massage it to your troubled areas. Wait for a couple of minutes before clean it with warm water. You will see its benefits if you use it one or two times a week.

3.Lemon Juice

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Geting your pores smaller will make  your work easier. How lemon juice is perfect for taht work,it makes your skin whiter and sensitive to the sunshine.So think again to use it in the summer. If you have a sensitive skin, add water or rose-water to your lemon juice.

Squeeze a lemon to a bottle, dip some cotton into the lemon juice. Moist cotton should be enough.Apply it to your face and wait for 20 minutes to clean it. A reminder,lemon juice can make your skin burn. Don’t touch it to your eye areas and scars.

4.Green Tea

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The antioxidants in green tea help clean extra fat from your skin and reduce acnes. All you need to do is brewing the green tea in the mornings! Wait for green tea to get cold then apply it on your blackheads. Wait for it to dry at least 10 minutes and clean it. Don’t forget to use your moisturizer  after it.


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Everyone who suffers blackheads knows how important peeling is. If we don’t get rid of the dead skin cells, it is possible to block the pores and cause acnes. Also we love that peeling makes speed up blood circulation and give us a soft and shiny skin.

Mix a glass of sugar with 4 table spoons of jojoba oil. Apply it by massaging with your fingers to your face.Clean and then use moistruzer. Don’t use it more than 2-3 times in a week. Hide it in dark. It will last longer with the oil inside.

We chose jojoba oil but you can choose some other oils, like olive oil or almond oil.

6.Steam Bath

Natural Solutions For Blackheads

Steam actually doesn’t clean the pores but it makes softer the dirt inside the pores and reduces appearance of the blackheads.Boil some water and put it into a bowl. To make an effect it to your skin,cover your head with a big towel and bend over to the bowl. Be careful for the hot water. !0 minutes later you can wash your face with a warm water and wipe gently with a clean towel. Don’t forget to use moisturizer after that.It’s enogh to use once a week.

7.Cinnamon and Turmeric

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Cinnamon and turmeric are the miraculous spices because of the antibacterial properties they have.Mix a tea spoon of cinnamon,turmeric and lemon juice and make it paste consistency. Use it to the troubled areas and wait 5 minutes for it to dry and clean it. We recommend to use it at night because turmeric can give temporary yellow stain in your face.


Oat reduces irritation, cleans dead cells, sucks extra skin oil and provides a cleaner skin. Cook enough oat for your blackheads. Wait until it gets to the room temperature and apply it to the troubled areas. Wait for 10-20 minutes and wash your face.

9.Apple Vinegar

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The acid inside it effects to the dirt in the skin, balances the pH level and prevents the acnes and blackheads. You can add 2-3 table spoons of vinegar and use it as a tonic in your daily skin care routine.


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According to the experts, tomato is very useful for our health. It seems that it’s not the only benefit it has. It has benefits to our skin too.  It contains high level of vitamin C, vitamin A and citric acid. It effects on acnes  and blackheads. You can use it easily by squeezing it. Wait 10 minutes and rinse it. You can also mix it with avocado or olive oil.



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