Journalism is a profession that is filled with adventures and excitements that you rarely get to experience in any other profession. A successful journalist has to be resourceful, intelligent and skeptic to reach the hidden truth. Below we share a list of movies celebrating this amazing profession.

1) It Happened One Night

Great films about newspapers (6)

This is an old classic that follows Peter Warne a journalist searching for a spicy scoop about a wealthy heiress and ends up falling in love with her. It is one of the most iconic comedies ever to grace the box office. It presents a perfect combination of comedy, love and tragedy.

2) His Girl Friday

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Most of the Bollywood flicks rely on the macho men to be their protagonists, it is rare to find a good movie where a female character gets to truly shine and get the center stage. This amazing movie contains some of the finest acting done by a female artist. A classic comedy that has an abundance of humor and drama in it.

3) Citizen Kane

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This 1941 flick revolves around the story of Charles Foster Kane who is a maniacal newspaper editor. The story holds a lot of drama and intensity that is rare to find in the movies involving journalism and Newspapers.

4) Call Northside 777

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A documentary style classic drama based around the true life events of James Mcguire. The main character in the movie James Stewart is a Chicago reporter who attempts to uncover the evidence about an innocent man. It is a truly inspirational tale that depicts what a person can achieve through honesty and hard work.

5) Ace in the Hole

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A story revolving around a greedy and dishonest reporter who seeks to exploit the plight of a man stuck in the cave to gain notoriety. This is a story that depicts evil within all of us that we must conquer to become a good person in the society.

6) The Sweet smell of Success

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The story revolved around the struggle of a young reporter seeking to make his mark in the newspaper industry. It is a great tale of struggle and hard work. It depicts how an individual needs to struggle and work hard to reach their goals in life.

7) The Front Page

Great films about newspapers (7)

A story about a struggling reporter who has lost his love for his craft. The story depicts a person’s struggle who has left hope in his life. A perfect satirical piece to celebrate the human condition of hopelessness, despair and struggle.

8) All the President’s men

Great films about newspapers (2)

A story about how journalist and the news affect the opinions of the general population. This story revolves around the struggle of two reporters who seek to uncover the truth about the Watergate scandal. A great piece of work that analyzes journalism through a critical eye.

9) The Year of Living Dangerously

Great films about newspapers (10)

A story about a journalist who travels to Indonesia in its most turbulent time. It is a story about love, struggle and adversity. A great piece of a movie about news and journalism. The movie sparked a lot of controversy in Indonesia and was banned there since 1999.

10) The Killing Fields

Great films about newspapers (8)

A story that follows the real circumstances of people in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. It also discusses the issues that journalists have to face in a dictatorship, how their voices are silenced to hide the truth.


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