Summer has come. Now, it is time to go out to gardens or balconies. We have 10 simple recommendations for you to enjoy your garden and make summer evenings much more joyous. You can learn how to make gardens and balconies much better places to live with colorful lights.

Summer is best enjoyed on the balcony or in the garden. Read 10 easy ways to make summer nights, the time you spend livelily, more joyous.

10.Create joyous moments with lanterns

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The best way to illuminate gardens and balconies cozily is using many lanterns.

Small lanterns that you hang will help you make your summer nights joyous.

9.Diversify your objects

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You can obtain an elegant decoration object by placing small candles inside of a pot full of water.

For windy days, you can obtain the same result by placing tea-light candles inside a lamp glass full of water. This way, candles are not affected by the wind.

8.Hang the wire baskets!

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Use your imagination and place candles into a wire basket. Hang it to the best place of your balcony or garden. This simple idea will provide a modern look.

7.If your garden is small…

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If you don’t have enough area on your balcony or in your garden, you can illuminate the place by hanging a simple candle or simple chandelier over a small garden table.

6.Don’t forget the colorful glass lanterns

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To create colorful ambiance, you can place candles into colorful glass jars and hang the jar onto any wall. If you wish, you can hang other objects around these glass lanterns

5.Decorate your sunshade

Hang a few pieces of colorful fabrics and ribbons to your sunshade in your garden or on your veranda. This way, you can provide a different look for a regular sunshade.

4.Illuminate the trees

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You can benefit from trees to illuminate your garden. Hang small lights around the bole of your tree and it will give a sculptural look.

3.Romance with sphere shaped lanterns

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To create a romantic and colorful ambiance outdoors, there is no better alternative but sphere shaped Chinese lanterns. Colorful lanterns used on trees or verandas make the place much more different and better.

2.Use Chinese lanterns on stairs

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If you have stairs in your garden, you can place one Chinese lantern onto each stair. With these elegant Chinese lanterns, your garden will have a romantic look.

1.Tropical Effects in your Garden

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If you are fond of natural-looking decoration, illumination as you see in the photograph is for you. These lamps made of bamboo will make your garden look tropic.


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