We generally equate children with innocence. However, creepy stories that you are about to read reveal the fact that even children can have dark sides as well. 10 most well-known child murderers with their shocking stories are below.

10. Brenda Ann Spencer

Child Murderers (1)

In this event occurred in 1979 in Cleveland, 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer took a shot at her school from her bedroom’s window. 8 people were reported injured and 2 people died. One dead was a teacher who were trying to protect children.

9. Bryan & David Freeman

Child Murderers (3)

In 1995, two brothers whose names are Bryan and David Freeman, stabbed their mother, father and 11-year-old sibling to death. The two stated that they had beheaded cats just for fun and they were given life sentence.

8. Mary Bell

Child Murderers (1)

In 1968, 11-year-old Mary Bell strangled two babies to death just “to experience the pleasure and excitement of killing someone”. She scratched the letter “M” onto her victims’ chests and today, she has another identity and nobody knows where she is.

7. Michael Carneal


In 1997, a boy named Michael Carneal covered a shotgun, rifle and a pistol with a blanket and went to his school, fired into the crowd of a group of students. He injured 5 people and killed 3 people. After the shooting, Carneal dropped his guns on the ground and shouted: “Please kill me. I can’t believe what I have just done!”

6. Eric Smith

Child Murderers (5)

In 1997, 14-year-old Eric Smith was riding to a summer camp on his bike and he noticed 4-year-old Derrick Robie who was walking alone. Smith took Robie into the woods and murdered him by strangling and hitting onto his head with a stone. During the next years, Smith admitted that he committed the murder because of the fact that he had been treated badly by his family and classmates.

5. Michael Hernandez

Child Murderers (8)

In 2004, 14-year-old Michael Hernandez told his best friend that he wanted to show something and killed him in the toilet. Police revealed that Hernandez was making plans about murdering many other students and people, including his sister.

4. Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

Child Murderers (7)

In 1993 in England, two 10-year-old kids skipped school and went to a shopping mall. They kidnapped a 2-year-old boy James Bulger, beat him to death with bricks and iron sticks, left him on railroad tracks and run away.

3. Edmund Kemper

Child Murderers (4)

In 1964, 15-year-old Edmund Kemper shot his grandmother and grandfather in the head and murdered them. When he was asked why he did such a thing, Kemper stated that he was curious about the feeling of killing his grandmother and as he was afraid of his grandfather’s response when the grandpa heard the situation, he killed his grandfather as well. Kemper was in prison for less than 5 year and when he released, he was 205cm tall and 136kg. Later, he killed 8 women, 1 of them was his mother, and continued his murders.

2. Jesse Pomeroy

Child Murderers (2)

In the late 1800s, 15-year-old Jesse Pomeroy killed 8 children and cut their bodies into pieces. During interrogation, he confessed that he committed 27 more murders. Half of the bodies were found at the basement of his house. Spending his whole life in different prisons, Pomeroy died at the age of 72.


Graham Young

Child Murderers (6)

In 1962, 15-year-old Graham Young poisoned 5 people including his family members and classmates. He stayed at a mental hospital for 9 years and then, he poisoned 70 more people. Named as “Teacup Poisoner”, Young died from heart attack at Parkhurst Prison.


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